Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, enables you to make low-cost phone calls over the internet. You might often hear the terms “internet telephony” and “broadband phone service” when referring to the service, but these days VoIP is the standard terminology used among IT professionals.

Convergence of voice and data is now a common place mainstream technology. Our Voice Over IP course investigates the characteristics of voice transmission and then studies the impact on IP networks. Practical sessions with soft phones, hard phones and gateways allow the students to see all aspects of VoIP. Network analysers are used to study packets on the wire.

We’ll demystify VoIP by understanding how voice is packetized, how packets move end-to-end, how the voice is re-created at the far end… and what it sounds like with packets missing. We’ll cover Internet VoIP for individuals, and business VoIP phone systems: call managers, softswitches, hosted PBXs, cloud services and SIP trunking and lots more.

What will you learn?

  • Describe the issues of voice and data convergence.
  • Describe techniques, which can be used in IP to provide low uniform delay.
  • Evaluate VoIP technologies.
  • Design data networks, which will support voice.